Will I Get a Fair House Price with a Cash for Homes Jacksonville FL Company?

You need to sell your home and you’re considering using a We Buy Houses in Jacksonville FL company. We’re going to talk about how that works in this article.

When it comes to selling a home, the two guiding considerations are: 1) how long you can wait for a sale to complete, and 2) how much money you need or want to make on the house.

The traditional route to a home sale includes fixing up the home, listing it with a realtor at market value, and waiting three to six months for a sale.

Some sellers are in situations where they can’t wait that long, however.

Is this you? Do you need to sell your house fast?

Your best bet could be to sell your home to a local home buying company. In this scenario,

· You make no repairs or upgrades to prep the home

· You pay no commissions to a real estate agent

· You close in as few as 7 days and walk away with cash

Yes, it’s that simple.

What’s the Process When Using a Cash for Homes in Jacksonville FL Buyer?

The first step in the process is to find a trustworthy, established homebuyer who pays cash for homes in Jacksonville FL. There are some shady homebuyers who care nothing about your situation and only want to make money off you. Obviously, you’d do best to avoid that type of company.

With some research, you can find good, upstanding investors who buy property for cash. See our blog on how to identify a good investor. It lists specific things to look for in local cash home buyers, which includes our own company, Locklear Offers, we buy Jacksonville FL houses fast.

Regarding Price and Speed of Sale, What are Your Jacksonville Property Priorities?

There are reasons it takes 3-6 months to get full market value on a house sale. It can take that long to prep the house, market it, show it, negotiate contracts, and wait for the title company to get all the paperwork in order.

Usually a realtor is involved, and he or she charges a commission of 3-6% of the sale price.

So, at the end of the six months, you will hopefully get your asking price, but a bunch of it will go to your realtor in commissions.

If speed of sale is a higher priority than getting top dollar for your property, consider using a local Jacksonville homebuyer like us, Locklear Offers.

When we work with a client, this is the process:

· We evaluate the home to calculate what it will be worth after repairs/upgrades/renovations

· We calculate how much it will cost us to make repairs/upgrades/renovations

· We estimate how long the repair work will take

· We factor in a profit percentage to compensate our company and our workers

· We make the client a fair offer

Our offer is usually below full retail market value. That’s because we’re buying the house as-is, and we usually must make repairs on it to get it rentable or saleable.

A major benefit to the client is how fast we can close. Because we front 100% of the purchase funds, we don’t have to deal with a lender. The title company we use (or the company that the client chooses) can process the paperwork in as few as 7 days. That means that, if necessary, the closing can take place within a week of the contract signing, and the client walks away with a check.

If this sounds good to you—selling your house fast with no repairs and zero hassle—and you don’t have to get top dollar, then call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx or click here to submit a simple form requesting an offer.

We will make you a fair, no-pressure, no-hassle offer within 24 hours.

Be assured that we won’t pressure you to accept our offer. In fact, we encourage you to look around at other home buyers, so you know all your options. Our offer may not be the highest one you’ll receive, but it also won’t be the lowest. Once we make you an offer, we’ll stick to it so that you can count on it and plan for it.

Are You Willing to Make Repairs on Your Jacksonville FL House to Prep It for Sale?

A major benefit that Jacksonville FL cash home buying companies like Locklear Offers offer is that of taking on all repairs and renovations. When we purchase your home, you don’t have to do anything to prep it for sale other than taking out the belongings you want to keep.

That’s right. We manage everything.

If you sell your home through a realtor, you’ll have to whip the property into shape before putting it on the market. Think repairs, repainting, a new roof, maybe a landscaping overhaul. Once on the market, then you’ll have people trooping through your house to see it. And then you’ll be dealing with offers, contingencies, contracts falling through, etc., etc. So time-consuming and such a hassle!

If your house in Jacksonville FL needs a lot of work, then prepping it for a traditional sale can feel overwhelming.

It’s worth a hard look at how much work your house needs and then asking yourself:

· Do I have the money for the repairs?

· Do I have the time to fix it up myself?

· Do I have the money to pay someone else to make the repairs?

· Do I have the time to manage tradespeople to make the repairs?

We offer cash for houses in Jacksonville, FL. We’re an established, professional, local home buying company in Jacksonville, FL. We will buy your house as-is and make all the necessary repairs on our own dime.

You can choose the title company for the closing, or we can recommend one. Either way, the paperwork can be completed in as few as 7 days if you want to close that soon.

If this sounds good so far, give us a call at (904) 574-4060. Or click here to submit a simple form requesting a fair all-cash offer on your Jacksonville FL house.

Use Research and Instinct When Considering Investors for Your Florida Property

There are multiple Jacksonville FL investors who offer cash for properties. Be sure to check them out carefully. Don’t be afraid to ask the investor for client references, then ask those people about their experiences with the investor. Find the investor that seems like the best fit for you.

Some investors are unscrupulous. A little research on your part should reveal that, and it will be well worth your time and effort. Make sure the investor you select has a reputation for reliability, including closing on the sale when they say they will.

Cash for Houses in Jacksonville FL

Sell your house in Jacksonville FL! Call us today for more information or click here to fill out a simple form to request information and an offer.

We’re proud of our solid reputation in Jacksonville, and we’re more than happy to answer all your questions.

Call Locklear Offers at (904) 574-4060 for a no-pressure, all-cash offer on your Jacksonville FL home. Or submit the Quick Offer Form here.

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