Handle Maintenance Issues Properly for Your Jacksonville, FL Rental

Being a landlord is a lot more involved than sitting back and collecting rent checks!

One of the most challenging aspects of the job is staying on top of repairs and maintenance. While this responsibility can be costly and stressful even with the best tenants, it’s significantly harder when your tenants don’t put any effort into maintaining the house. When tenants don’t take care of their space or alert you when there is an issue, slight issues only worsen.

Hiring a property management company is one way to handle this, but it means decreasing your profits. Effectively taking care of maintenance issues for your Jacksonville, FL, rental property will save you money and time over the years.

Establish Good Relationships with Tenants in Jacksonville, FL

Establish a positive relationship with your tenants right off the bat.


If tenants aren’t comfortable reaching out to you, they may let a problem go longer than it should and avoid telling you if there is a problem or if they need anything. Furthermore, people don’t want to live in a place where they’re not at ease. Your relationship with them may determine whether they stay in the house or if they move out, causing you stress and financial loss.

Make sure your tenants can reach you easily and feel confident doing so. You’ll experience the long-term benefits of a having a tenant who is communicative and who keeps the house in good shape.

Set Expectations for Your Jacksonville Rental

Include a thorough explanation of the maintenance process in your lease. Use online submissions or a form for your tenants to easily submit maintenance requests. Establish an expected timeframe within which non-emergency maintenance requests will be resolved. Generally, this should be 24-48 hours.

Keep Track of Your Florida Rental’s Records

Maintaining detailed records can be tedious, but it is crucial if keeping your property in good condition is important to you.

Use a maintenance schedule to record repairs and their associated expenses so that you know when the next maintenance visit should take place, to keep track of your finances, and for tax purposes. An online system to handle maintenance requests is a simple way to keep track of requests, repairs, and costs.

Be Proactive About Maintaining Your Jacksonville, Florida, Rental

That maintenance schedule we just mentioned? Stick to it.

Being proactive about performing maintenance checks, repairs, and improvements is the key to preventing major and expensive problems from arising. If you decide to work with a Jacksonville property management company, they will stay on top of the maintenance schedule and make sure everything gets done on time.

We Pay Cash for Houses in Jacksonville, FL

The last thing we recommend is performing annual inspections of your property. Give your tenant plenty of notice and then walk through the house with them. This way, you can evaluate the need for any repairs, and they can tell you about any concerns they have.

If it comes to a point where keeping up with maintenance is too much, you might consider selling your house. We are homebuyers in Jacksonville, FL. We pay cash for houses and will give you a quick and fair offer.

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