How Can I Sell My House With No Realtor or Agent in Jacksonville FL?

If your goal is to sell your house fast without the hassle of fixing it up or forking out cash to an agent or property manager in Jacksonville FL, reach out to us. We’ve got solutions. We do occasionally work with brokers, but it’s always best not to pay a middle person if you can.

Anyone who can do simple calculations knows that paying five or six percent commission on a property sale adds up to a chunk of money. Who wants to leave that much cash on the table? Of course, Jacksonville FL brokers can be helpful, and Jacksonville FL real estate agents can sometimes be worth their commissions. But consider that this isn’t always the case.

How Can I Sell My House with No Realtor or Agent in Jacksonville FL?

Did you know that there are ways you can keep from paying nosebleed commissions on the sale of your Jacksonville FL property? Yep.

Before we continue, though, you need to be clear on one standard practice.

The practice we speak of is the designation of half the commission you pay as the seller going to the buyer’s broker.

We know, it’s kind of a head scratcher. Why in the world would you pay for the buyer’s agent?

It’s just the way things are done, even though it flies in the face of logic.

Before you get too wound up about it, consider that the practice can actually be an advantage for you.


First, it helps to remember the practice as you compare recent sales prices of homes similar to yours. If those properties’ sales prices included commissions, factor in that piece of information.

Thinking of Underpricing Your Florida Property? Don’t!

A buyer in the know may be expecting discounts, too. Remember that. Be clear in your mind that if you’re acting as an agent, the commission savings should go into your pocket.

We’ve seen Jacksonville FL buyers who choose not to use an agent sometimes forget about the buyer’s side commission when they negotiate the sale price. Don’t bring it up if this happens! But of course, be prepared for it in discussions if it does.

We suggest you might offer 2.5% to the agents who bring potential buyers to see your home. Yes, that can still add up to a lot of rubles. But remember that if you’re pricing your home to absorb that 2.5%, it puts you in a great negotiating position for the buyer who comes to you with no agent.

Understand that if you price your home with no commission room for the buyer’s agent, you’ll be saying hasta la vista  to most Jacksonville FL buyers.

The MLS is Where More Than 90% of Jacksonville FL Real Estate Transactions Happen

“MLS” stands for “Multiple Listing Service.” It’s an online platform all Jacksonville FL brokers depend on that supplies important real estate information, including what’s for sale (condos, townhomes, houses, investment properties, and land) as well as recent and historical sale prices.

Historically, properties listed on the MLS always included full commissions. Things have changed in recent years, though, as some brokers now just charge a flat listing fee. This can be a few hundred dollars and a commission that’s only paid when a sale completes.

If you’ve checked into the price of taking out an ad in the newspaper, you’ll know that the MLS fee is the cheapest way to go (and gets your listing out in front of a huge audience).

The MLS supplies data to all major real estate search sites (think Yahoo Homes, Zillow, and You can expect that within days of submitting the information to the MLS on your listing in Jacksonville FL, it will appear on all major sites.

Want to optimize the presence of your listing on Zillow, or elsewhere? You can purchase site-specific ad packages with various benefits, such as getting your listing to show up first when someone searches the site.

Don’t Bet on Advertising Results in Jacksonville FL

It’s true, sometimes open houses in Jacksonville FL will snag the perfect buyer. It’s also true that open houses can net you no results at all. It’s the same deal with all other forms of advertising, including bandit signs, Craigslist listings, etc.

Marketing Properly is the Only Way to Effectively Sell Your FL Home by Yourself

Yes, posting fliers and signs in your local area will probably garner you a few calls. And yes, using free websites to advertise your property might get you some results. But if you’ve got a home that needs a certain kind of buyer (i.e., it won’t scratch the itch of the average joe), you’ve got to do a lot more.

The idea in having a real estate agent is that they’ll do the “more” and that’s why they can charge big commissions. When they advertise multiple properties at the same time, they get lots of phone calls which result in lots of sales which results in great profits (at least theoretically).

Specialty properties—or those that will only appeal to a small slice of the buyer pie—can take thousands of advertising dollars before the one straw in the haystack sees the ad and calls.

Cash for Houses in Jacksonville FL

So where are we going with this? If you want to sell your house in Jacksonville FL without dealing with any of the above, consider selling to an investor for cash.

We are homebuying investors. We buy homes in Jacksonville FL. We can buy your home quickly (we can close in as soon as 3-5 days) at a fair price, and you don’t have to make any repairs. No fuss, no muss.

What will we do with your home? It depends. Once we make the necessary repairs, we might rent it out or we might sell it to someone looking for a home in the area.

Want to sell your home fast? Reach out to us. We would love to help, and we’re always looking for homes in Jacksonville FLorida.

We close on houses quickly (within 3-5 days if needed), and we pay cash. Call us at (904) 574-4060 or email us through this simple form. We’ll respond fast. Sell your Jacksonville FL house fast. Get a cash offer now!

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