Tips for Working with a Property Wholesaler in Jacksonville, FL

If you are interested in buying investment properties in Jacksonville, FL, you may need help finding quality properties at good rates. This is where a property wholesaler comes in.  Continue reading to learn more about how the process works and how to do business with a real estate wholesaler in Jacksonville, FL!

Study the Jacksonville, FL Market

Go into your first meeting with a property wholesaler with an understanding of the current real estate market. Analyze the local market in Jacksonville, FL–the demographics of homebuyers, recent sales, and trends. There’s lots of public information out there. Check out sites like Trulia and Zillow and browse the website of your area’s property appraiser. Know what’s going on in the Jacksonville real estate market before you pull the trigger on buying an investment  property.

Find the Best Jacksonville Wholesaler

Each wholesaler is different, and it’s critical that you find the right one to work with. As with any industry, there are some property wholesalers who will take advantage of you or scam you. Some are harmless but inexperienced. And there are some – those who are experienced and who care about your goals – who you will want to work with for years to come. In your search, make sure that your candidates are able and willing to provide you with references.

Do Your Due Diligence Before Buying Your Florida Property

While a wholesaler can help you find a great property, it’s up to you to do your homework regarding the integrity of the property. Enlist a qualified firm to run a title search for you, to make sure the title is clear and there are no liens against the property.

Next, we recommend running three comps for the house both before and after renovations and repairs are done. Hire an inspector to check the property and give you a detailed report. Depending on your experience, you might then make your own estimate of repair costs or obtain estimates from Jacksonville contractors. As a rule of thumb, budget for costs to be a bit higher than the initial estimates.

Close Quickly on Your Jacksonville, FL Property

Be prepared to act quickly when you find an appealing wholesale deal in Jacksonville, FL. Don’t skip over any of the details, but work to run the title search and comps, inspect the property, and get repair estimates together as efficiently as possible. Chances are, you’re not the only investment buyer interested in the property in question. If you hem and haw for too long, someone else might just snatch it up!

We Offer Cash For Houses in Jacksonville, FL

Why would you work with a property wholesaler in Jacksonville, FL, instead of seeking out the best deals yourself? While there’s always a chance that you’ll find something great on your own, at Locklear Offers, we put lots of time and effort into tracking down and securing the properties that we have for sale.

Our team spends a great deal of time negotiating for great properties. We get incredible deals that provide you with a quick and simple way to purchase a Jacksonville, FL, house at 70% of market value! You save two valuable assets – money and time – when you choose to work with Locklear Offers.

Talk to us about partnering with a property wholesaler in Jacksonville, FL! Give us a call today at (904) 574-4060!

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