What Factors Go into Our Jacksonville, FL, Property Valuations?

Do you want to sell your Jacksonville, FL, house fast? Do you want to sell it without making repairs or upgrades? Are you looking for an easy, hassle-free way to sell your property and still walk away with a check?

We’re a trusted local Jacksonville, FL, home buyer. We work hard to give every homeowner we work with a great experience. That means we offer fair prices for homes, we treat clients with respect, we communicate responsively, and we close quickly (in as few as seven days when the client needs to close that fast).

How Much Money Will I Get for My House?

Often, the first question we’re asked is, “How much will you give me for my house?” And the next question is, “What repairs will I have to make?”

Our answer to the first question is, “We need to do a basic inspection of your house to make you a fair offer,” and our answer to the second question is, “None, because we buy homes in their existing condition!”

We buy homes as-is. We fix them up and sell them to other families or we rent them. So, our valuation of your home factors in the cost of the repairs. To see what we’ll have to fix or upgrade, we need to do a basic inspection of your home. After that, we can make you a fair offer.

What We’ll Look at In Our Basic Inspection of Your Property

  1. Foundation: We’ll look under and around the house. We need to see if there are any issues like settling, sinking, cracks, or upheaval.
  2. Plumbing: We look at the sewer lines, water pipes, hot water lines, faucets, toilets, sinks, tubs, and water heater. We check for leaks, cracks, breaks, low pressure, hot water not working, etc.
  3. Roof: We need to see what shape the roof is in and if there are leaks.
  4. HVAC System: We’ll look at the different components and see if the system heats and cools properly.
  5. Flooring: We’ll inspect the general condition of the carpet, tile, linoleum, hardwood, and engineered wood. We look for things like stains, holes, damage, fading, buckling, peeling, and crowning.
  6. Paint: We’ll inspect the paint (interior and exterior) for fading, stains, and chalking.
  7. Kitchen: What appliances are in the kitchen, and do they work properly? We’ll also check the condition of the cabinets and note the amount of cleaning necessary to get the kitchen sparkling.
  8. Bathroom: The plumbing inspection overlaps with the bathroom inspection. We’ll look for drain and toilet clogs, broken handles, leaking faucets, water pressure issues, and the like.
  9. Septic System: If your home has a septic system, we’ll check it for potential problems.

Don’t be alarmed by this list or decide that your home is unsaleable. We buy homes in any condition! If your home has problem areas, we can fix them.

After we do this basic inspection, we’ll be able to make you a fair offer for your home. Again, we will purchase it in its current condition, and you won’t have to do a thing to it. We’ll draw up a contract and can close in as few as seven days. Our go-to title company is reputable and established, but if you prefer a different title company, we can use that one.

If you want to sell your Jacksonville home, please call us today at (904) 574-4060. We’d love to talk to you!

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