What We Inspect Before Buying a Jacksonville Property As-Is

Thinking about putting your Jacksonville home on the market? We’d be thrilled to purchase your house as-is.

LocklearOffers experts work around the clock to make sure we can provide a fantastic experience to both homeowners and real estate investors. Time and time again, our customers are blown away by their positive experience. What’s more, we make the best offers in town.

How do we make it happen? It starts when you contact us. One of our experts will pay you a visit to inspect your property. We take note of a variety of factors during the inspection, like function and condition of different aspects of the home. We consider every single factor when we do a thorough analysis and make a pricing decision. The offer we end up with is a carefully deliberated price. We don’t take this process lightly.

Once we’ve settled on an offer price, we’ll reach out to you right away to share it with you. If you are satisfied and decide to accept it, we’ll quickly move forward with you to seal the deal. The best part? We’ll buy your Jacksonville home as-is. That means no repairing, cleaning, or staging needed. We make the process as simple as possible!

Inspecting Your Jacksonville Home

As we mentioned, we do take many factors into consideration when formulating an offer price. These factors include the following:

HVAC Unit: We check the condition and age of the HVAC unit to determine whether it’s working well or needs a repair.

Roof: LocklearOffers experts inspect the roof for critters, mold, leaks, and any other issues.

Plumbing: We evaluate pipes, faucets, and toilets to identify broken parts, leaks, sewer problems, etc.

Bathroom: Are there broken faucets, toilet handles, or shower heads? Clogged drains or issues with water temperature? We’ll look for these things as we assess the property.

Kitchen: Our knowledgeable inspectors look through the kitchen to determine the status of the cabinets, appliances, ventilation system, and more.

Foundation: Is there sinking or cracked foundation? Sagging or uneven floors? We look for these signs of foundation damage.

Septic Tank: If your property has a septic tank, slow drainage, foul odors, and gurgling sounds in the pipes might be signs of an issue.

Flooring: We’ll take a look at the condition of the flooring. Things we check for include pet stains, peeling finish, sun fading, crowning or cupped edges, buckling boards, and high amounts of wear and tear.

Paint: The last thing we inspect is the paint or wallpaper. Is there blistering, peeling, yellowing, or chalking paint? Torn or faded wallpaper? These things will be noted in our inspection.

Now you’ve got a better idea of what we’ll be looking for when a LocklearOffers inspector comes to your property. These factors all play in to the offer that we’ll decide on. Our company believes in excellent customer experience and taking care of our community; we do everything we can to make you the highest offer you’ll get in this city. If you’d like to sell your Jacksonville home, get in touch with us. We’d love to buy it!

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